"I just reviewed this beautifully produced book. It is a fabulous book! No...its more than a book...its a work of art. The techniques imparted by Myles Neff make perfect sense although they do differ significantly from the style used by today's jockeys...read it and decide for yourself. Mandatory reading for any racehorse trainer, exercise rider, owner, equine science student or horseracing fan. Most handicappers would benefit from the info, too...especially on the aerodynamics! And since it is full of little known historical facts, historians would enjoy as well. Great coffee table book! Should be a part of every horse person's library. Contains information on the art of race riding that won't be found anywhere else....and that's a promise! Great gift idea!!."  by M.M.

"This book should be sold at every tack shop, every gift shop at every track, and the Stewards should make it a mandatory read for apprentices seeking a gate card for their license.” by L.I.

"I am using this book and videos in my galloping classes at..... Classes will be launched in the spring. I will be ordering more copies soon. Thanks for getting it out there."  by P.H.

"The book is really fascinating and well written! When you get it you won't be able to put it down as Myles Neff did a remarkable job perfecting George Martin's original American Race Riding Style. I highly recommend it!  The "Stylin" method of race riding is truly poetry in motion! When you buy this book you can also opt to purchase the training video's by Myles Neff which are also outstanding as he goes into great detail explaining this proper race riding style.  It is such a comprehensive work of art on the lost art of race riding that I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to have an opportunity to begin to understand Myles' work.  Wow!!! Just had the chance to watch all the video’s on the website!  Very impressive as that is pure gold.  Outstanding video tutorials! Simply amazing…….. I just can’t even imagine for the life of me why there are not any jockeys today that are not embracing this riding style as it would have to give a jockey and their horse a very strong edge.  Myles does an outstanding job of breaking down this method and teaching/explaining it to the potential jockey.  It looks like he was a great teacher as he is very detailed oriented and he also explains everything very concisely.  Are jockey’s today just plain lazy???????”  by G.K.


"I’ve been searching for info on improving my riding saw your book and ordered it.  I have read it cover to cover and  think it may be a great help! Looking forward to trying to put it to use this season thanks!!”  by M.H.

"Got your gorgeous book yesterday. Amazing...simply an amazing labor of love. Congratulations! Your book only furthered my never ending quest for knowledge on the game I love so much...thoroughbred racing.  This is a must read not just for the casual fan but for anyone in the industry. A must have reference book in any jocks room and stewards office.”  by D.B

"Myles Neff’s book Stylin' is a very informative read. If more people took the time to read it, I mean really read it, they would understand. For all horse enthusiasts. I enjoyed it very much. Myles Neff was a true horseman, & admired by many!  I love this book Every one in horse racing should read it."  by C.H.  

 “I rode with Myles and he was one of the Best. You could be go by him thinking he was done, then he would come back and nail ya right on the wire. Myles Neff helped me change from my English style of ridding races to the American style. He helped many a rider.” by K.B.

"Isn’t Stylin awesome? I thoroughly enjoyed the book and all the pictures as well. Coming from a family of great jockeys i can appreciate a manual like this to show the true correct style of race riding that has some what been lost. All Jockeys should embrace such an educational read. I wish we had more riders like Myles right now.”  by C.M.

"I was taught this style of riding...awhile back,lol... have bought and received the book! Well worth the time (to read!) and the money.  It is awesome, full of info denied to most riders of this generation.” by C.D.

"I thought the same think too back when I was training, but after reading "Stylin", I completely changed my mind. It is the easiest way to ride correctly down low by using acey-ducey. That is how Arcaro rode as well."  by D.A.

"Trying to apply some of your books techniques but body isn't too limber yet....ha.  I like it a lot. Wish I could have had this book 20 years ago."  by C.E.

"Yes the book is fantastic!! I love it. I'm an Arabian Racing jockey (used to ride thoroughbreds in track work for a few years), and find that it is quite different to how I was initially taught, though I was still taught to sit down low and bury my face in the horses mane, become as small as possible. It is more a crouching sort of style rather than moulding to the horse...my stirrups were too short to get lower. I will be lengthening my stirrups in the future so I can get all the way down and really mould to the horse.  The whole book is great, it is all information that I have absorbed and taken on, though I'm still in 2 minds about the Acey Duecy style lol.  I will have to try it one day.  The pictures and illustrations are wonderful, very clear and helpful to understand everything. It's a great book! I can't really fault it.   UPDATE: I have just watched all the videos on the Stylin website. They're fantastic, very clear and concise. I will be watching them all a few times to really get it in my head.  I'll be trying it all out in practice soon when I get my race horses back into work. Should be race riding again in the middle of this year hopefully. Thanks again for such an awesome book, and great videos.  P.S. I can NOW see why the acey duecy style is so good. I have had trouble getting all the way down and low myself because my thigh would be in the way. This will solve my problem. Thank you."  by A.B.

"I just watched the videos and they are awesome. Just can't wait to read the book!”  by D.L.

"He could get low...I loved watching Myles ride.” by W.D.

"Myles was a great tactician.” by C.J.

"Read it cover to cover when I got it. Loved it and thought it was so cool and made so much sense. Especially about riders across the pond with their frailing about. I always crouched down when galloping and breezing because I felt the wind very hard against my body. How could that help a horse? Why do jock's not crouch? Cauthen did and made a fortune. They say he rode so low he looked like he had fallen off sometimes. Like Arcaro. I loved Arcaro's statement about jocks today. I could go on and on. Loved the book. Loved!!! I will read it many times over the years.  by P.S.

"I freaking love it.  No one rides like that anymore. Riders get on an equicizer today for 10 minutes and think they're Cordero."  C.B.

"Great book by the way as it has opened up a whole new world of understanding with regards to race riding! I wish more jockeys today would look into this lost art as it would be great for racing!  Must read for any avid racing insider as it gives you a complete understanding of how important race riding technique really is!"  by G.K.

"Myles was a good man and friend but also a good teacher....a person you could learn life's lessons..he possessed a wisdom that seemed almost not from this world...he taught me to be a better man and human being from his actions not just his words.”  by D.O.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far; on chapter 5! I love his passion for the style. I understand a lot of the science behind it as well which is also why it makes logical sense such as the balance, aerodynamics etc.  I bought the book because I admire the style and finally was able to get my hands on literature that talked about the mechanics. The videos will be helpful for I am a visual and physical learner. So the pictures in the book help a lot."  by C.L.

"I have not finished it yet but so far I have really liked it the stories that are told are very good. I wish this book had came out when I was still riding, it would have helped a bunch. It has also answered the question of how acey duecy came about cause all the riders I know don't use it how it is describe in the book. They claim it helps the horse make the turn easier. I love how you talk about driving a horse Into the bridal and always having contact with the horses mouth. All the horses I start and galloping I constantly keep my horses driving in to the bridal, but they fall apart in the races cause the jocks don't do the same. So the horses get put on the trainers morning glory list until they finally put a jock on him that drives them into the bit. You did a really good job with book in my opinion."  by N.P.

"I was thinking exactly the same thing about being aerodynamic in the saddle, and one with the horse, and lo and behold, you write the book on it! You wrote things about racing that no one has thought about in a long long time... I have often thought about "the lost Art of race riding, and was so glad that you were able write this book.  I will be ordering some copies for friends this year." by R.T.

"I feel this is a MUST HAVE book… I'd love to have a couple extra copies on hand. My boss loved the book! He is a incredible farrier, very accomplish steeple chase jockey, flat trainer, and steeple chase trainer, he's just a flat out horseman, much like Myles.  The first chapter i learned a lot about Myles that I didn't know. And the chapter about acey/ducey, put factual proof and words to how I ride. I have a hard time explaining what I'm doing and why I'm doing it to new riders. It's hard for me to put it in words. It's like Myles is in my head translating for me!!! Myles and I saw eye to eye on everything, he is so good at explaining things so that EVERYONE can understand them, no matter what your style of learning, understanding, or reading comprehension is. It's a perfect work of art!! I will be a repeat buyer!!  Thanks SO MUCH!!  by S.M.

"I just wanted to send a quick reply to say it's a great book, its given me some good ideas to look at some things from a different perspective and works well in conjunction with the videos. I hope you manage to dig up some more in the future."  by M.P.

"I’ve picked up the book @Churchill museum.. It sure is a wake up to what I see daily."  by D.H.

"By the way, I strongly recommend all jockeys, trainers, and especially "race horse owners" to read this book "Stylin: Reviving The Lost Art of Race Riding" as it is phenomenal! Somewhere along the way in the 70's and 80's there was a significant paradigm shift whereas jockeys completely altered their race riding styles which in my opinion doesn't make much sense? Even the great Stevie Cauthen embraced this low and sleek "Stylin" race riding method when he won the Triple Crown on Affirmed! Check this book out, as I'm sure you will be amazed at how different the riding styles are in today's racing. I personally don't believe the current "high riding jockeys of today" are better for the sport of horse racing. But you make the cal....."  by G.K.

"Just got my copy of "Stylin" today. LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK. What a fantastic, insightful book! Thanks!” by M.W.

"I love them (book & videos), super helpful! I'm glad someone still believes in the actual jockey position. I tried so hard to work on it, but with the book, and videos it makes things so much easier."  by J.C.