Author Myles Neff takes readers on an eye-opening, behind-the-scenes journey into the world of jockeys and Thoroughbred racing. A lifelong horseman, trainer, jockey and rider, Neff devoted his life to the study of jockey style and technique, in particular the early style perfected by the true Masters of the sport. Stylin’ is a satisfying, informative read, whether you’re a professional jockey, an aspiring rider eager to learn more, or simply fascinated by the centuries-old Sport of Kings. So settle in, take your best hold and enjoy the ride.



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 “It was called Stylin’. Those who mastered it rode in the same aerodynamic style from the gate to the wire, and were the most admired of riders.”

Why do Jockeys stand up during a race? What about aerodynamics? What happened to race riding strategy, effective style, and clear communication between horse and rider?


There was a time when American jockeys perfected the art of race riding.  The Great Masters brought to the sport the most efficient, aerodynamic, cohesive and exquisite style of race riding ever known. Over time their secrets skills have been lost.....until NOW.  Stylin': Reviving The Lost Art of Race Riding is a fast paced, entertaining and informative book by author Myles Neff who reveals those lost secrets at last. Fueled by devotion to the sport and backed by a lifetime of careful study, the former jockey, trainer, race riding instructor and life-long horseman shares the powerful dynamics of race riding technique and it’s impact on the outcome of a race.


Woven through stories of his own enlightening years on the track, Neff provides detailed explanations, photographs, and never before released scientific data that will revive this lost art and provide a winning edge sought by jockeys, trainers and racing enthusiasts alike.

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